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I arrived at one of Rebecca’s early sessions on a blustery Provencal spring day, wondering whether I really had time to cut out for two hours. Well, maybe that should have been my first clue! Rebecca is welcoming and organised. Anyone is welcome, no matter what life or work experience you bring with you, she facilitates a conversation around the topic of the day. You will leave with a few things you had not thought of and the added bonus of a couple new friends in Provence.

Carolyne Kauser-Abbott (CKA)

However uneasy you may feel about a group session. Rebecca makes everyone welcome and quickly draws us all together. The subject in hand takes over, everyone who contributes adds a new dimension, some echo how you feel, others express a different dimension that adds to your understanding. Carefully guiding the flow Rebecca encourages all. It’s always food for thought.

Ana Sonatah

I enjoyed the sessions I attended so much-listening to other women’s ideas, sharing my apprehensions and fears, finding support and energy from the group of such interesting. diverse women, all looking for a way forward with their lives. I would come away so full of energy and hope for my own challenges.

Through voicing these thoughts and fears and hearing other people’s worries, sharing with good humor and laughter, guided by Rebecca, I found that they started to fall away, particularly through breaking down and challenging each thing that stopped me from moving forward and realizing myself.

It is so helpful to “unpack” those things that get in our way, writing down the fears, re organizing thoughts, managing to take step after step which brake down the fears. And the knowledge that there are other women doing the same with whom you can share the experience.

Rosaline Archer Baronio